About me

Yang lama dikelek, yang baru didukung

Contrary to popular belief, critical projects aren’t something technicality alone can capture.
To do it well, one must also possess the art of observation, personal touch and most importantly, the ability to make complicated stuffs work for the simplest reasons.


I earned my M.Sc Arch, majoring in Advanced Environmental Studies from University of East London and currently I am reading a Ph.D in Biological Science. However, I do not consider myself a scholar. I am essentially a field worker and I work on the ground.

I have more than 20 years of grassroot experience as a front liner. I see myself as a bridge of sort between the new and old, development and conservation, cutting edge technology and traditional wisdom. Every project is different and requires multi-pronged approach. I particularly enjoy creating spaces for honest conversations and disseminating new possibilities that are community-friendly.

I am currently based in Ipoh, Malaysia, but I usually travel to far flung regions for field work. If you don’t receive a quick reply from me, that’s because I have no access to internet in these areas. Be patient and I would revert shortly. Thank you.

CONTACT – info[at]caseyng[dot]com